Direct Cremation Costs

Our General Price List (GPL) is a schedule of fees for the regularly offered services of the Farrell Funeral Home. The pricing for this information sheet has been taken directly from our most recent (GPL) dated December 1, 2017 and is subject to change without notice. A (GPL) will be given to families at the time of arrangements as well as an itemized good and service sheet.

This pricing is based on discounted service provided to families as an alternative to having a full funeral service. The price below is the only service in which we have included the necessary cash advances and there will be no additional charges or hidden cost.

Direct Cremation Service

There is no wake or religious service associated with a direct cremation service.

  • Service of funeral director and staff, obtaining certified copies of death certificates, SS notification.
  • Preparation and care of loved one
  • Transfer of remains to the funeral home
  • Transfer to Crematory
  • Alternative Container for Cremation
  • Temporary Urn
  • Medical Examiner Charge
  • Crematory Charge


Only additional cash advance items may be added at request of family

Please Keep in Mind: If comparison shopping, it is important to thoroughly and carefully compare prices as the items included in "basic charges" or "service charges" of funeral homes may vary.